Wasps, Not Any Car

Jakarta - PT Super Gasindo Indonesia Jaya (gij), was not carelessly give Wasps name on a local car production.

According to CEO gij, Koentjoro Njoto, the car because his philosophy is called Wasp, Wasps were diligent work.

"Just imagine, the morning's work," he said on the sidelines of Production Exhibition Indonesia (PPI) in JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday (13/5/2009).

Also, added Koentjoro, Wasps have a very high communication between each other. And just want to nest in a clean place.

Wasps also produce efficient products such as honey, and with the sting, a wasp is not easy to be disturbed.

Cars produced in Rangkasbitung, Banten, the use of CNG gas fuel, so it meets the Euro III standard, so that environmentally friendly.

Capacity of 650 cc, 4 speed manual, can be driven up to speed 100 km / hour. "This is the test the way to Bandung," said Koentjoro, as stated, the gas consumption of 1 kg to 20 km.

Wasps who started to be developed since 2007, and manufactured since 2008 and, in the production target of 600 units per month.

National car that has a 90% local content, too, sold at a price of USD 48 million On The Road.

Consumers who want to have it, can order a body colors and a custom interior. "In accordance with their wishes, we are prepared," said Koentjoro.

Wasps, who have a factory location in Rangkas Bitung, Banten, will be marketed for commercial vehicles "We try to replace sasarkan Bajaj," said Koentjoro.

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