A girl who Crying Blood

Twinkle Dwivedi Indian girl, 14 years old, ditubuhnya pores can bleed spontaneously, although he was not injured. The girl who came from Lucknar, Uttar Pradesh, had to undergo a blood transfusion after blood coming from the eyes, nose, ears, scalp and feet , as many as 50 times a day.

Twinkle Dwivedi

When he did not bleed to feel pain but it makes her tired and headaches. Dr.George Buchanan, a specialist in pediatric blood and came from the UK had come to india to see this case. The doctor said he had first seen cases where people spontaneously bleed , in the medical history did not exist. Dr.Buchanan and her team conducted a series of tests, including cutting some twinkle skin and see how fast the blood dries. The doctor also oversees the twinkle for 24 hours by placing the camera in her room to find the cause of the beginning of time the blood came out spontaneously ..

Dr. George Buchanan examines Twinkle Diwedi

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