Measuring helicopter Box Cigarettes

INILAH.COM, Oslo - The world increasingly sophisticated intelligence with the presence of a spy helicopter with size no more than a cigarette box. Despite looking like a toy, it is considered as the most significant progress in intelligence activities.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (7 / 5), was created by helicopter toy manufacturer from Norway, Prox Dynamics. Heli nanokopter named PD-100 Black Hornet is believed to help soldiers in the future in memmberikan intelligence information.

Black Hornet is moved by remote control devices, and can perform several maneuvers that can not be real heli. He can make complex movements such as slow and speed up the movement, floating, also flew in and out of the room.

Weighing just half a gram, no more than a battery. This helicopter is equipped with electric motors and four rotor blades. A small digital cameras added to intelligence activities and can fly up to 30 km per hour.

"These helicopters can be carried in a pocket and can be set up in seconds. Very useful for emergency situations, in combat, or in a closed building. We will make civil and Intel versions, and only sold to governments and intelligence agencies, "said Director of Prox Dynamics, Petter Muren. [vin]

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