Why "Mama" Babies First Word

Most babies are saying "mama" or the like as the first word he knew. The word was indeed the structure of the simplest words and the most easily recognizable baby.

The key to the repetition of syllables. Repetition of a baby's brain is responding very well. That conclusion Judit Gervain, researchers from the University of British-Columbia, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, latest edition.

The conclusion was taken after scanning Gervain of 22 infants 2-3 days old. The babies are exposed to a number of words that contain repetition, such as mubaba and penana and who do not like mibage and pen.

When the word containing the form of repetition is played, the baby's brain in the temporal and left frontal react. Conversely, when words that do not contain repetition granted, no part of the brain that provide the dominant response.

"It is possible that many speakers of different languages have inadvertently repeated the word lists for children," said Gervain. His study is also in accordance with the fact that the language center in adults who are right-handed in the left brain.

So, it was clear why the word "mama" or "dada", "order", "dada", and the like easy to train the most vocal baby. These findings also indicate that the ability to recognize words that contain repetition is the nature of the human brain. Nature is what makes the mother can learn the language systematically and efisie

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