After 9 Years, Finally Find Father through Facebook! Broadley, 14, finally found his father Kevin Roberts on social networking sites after nine years of searching. He sent the request to his friend with a message that read: "Hi I believe you're my dad, I'm looking for a long time and now I've aged 14 years. I hope you call me back. "Kevin remembers when making a brief affair with her mother, Helen, 36, in 1995 - and when he saw her profile picture" knows that he is a part of me ". Teens who come from Colwyn, North Wales, said: "I was very nervous when I send a message to my father." When I first saw him, he did not like what I think - she looks older than my friend's father! "Kevin, 43, recently set up an account Facebook when he faced his first Christmas alone after a separation from his wife and moved to the B & B. She said: "This is really amazing. I've always longed for a daughter. "

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