Building a city using a toothpick, FANTASTIC!

Never use a toothpick? If you've always been eating, but if used to make models such as urban certainly remarkable. Two artists prove the following. Toothpich town of Muro Stan Stan Munro, 38 years old, a tv show host, spent the last 6 years by building a landmark-landmark buildings of the world of toothpicks! Stan takes between a day to 6 months to glue sticks -toothpick into models of famous structures in the world on a scale of 1:164. To build this city Gigi Stan Tusuk Muro has been used for more than 6 million toothpicks and 172 liters of glue, but he thought it was not finished. The results of this work was shown at the Museum of Science and Technology, in Syracuse, New York.


Model City of San Francisco by Scott Weaver of San Francisco is often used as objects of art for artists, but never anything like this. Scott Weaver always dreamed of going to build a toothpick model of the world's largest, and it started it 34 years ago! We have not yet fully realized his dream, but who has built one of the toothpick model of the most amazing ever made in the world. " Rolling through the Bay "has a 9 foot tall, 7 feet long and 2 feet wide of the models made of toothpicks contained 4 ping-pong balls rolling-track and some driveway. This track makes it very unique. That Mr. Weaver began his adventures in the world by building a toothpick models of abstract and rolling ping pong balls at him.

Although "Rolling through the Bay" is showing some of the icons of San Francisco as the Bay Bridge, Golden State Park, Fisherman's Wharf, Alamo Square, or the Cable Car Tour, Scott Weaver said it was only viewed from the perspective of himself on the city of San francisco. And unlike the models in general, he also uses a ball-ping-pong ball. Toothpick model of the city of San Francisco this mebutuhkan more than 3000 hours to complete and spend more than 1 million toothpicks. Fortunately a toothpick pack cost only 99 sent, so not too expensive. Ripley's Believe It or Not once this work offers $ 40,000 dollars but did not want to accept it and continue to do his job.

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