Amityville Ghost House

1.Rumah Hantu The Amityville

Do You ever watch a horror movie Amityville House? Did film horror novel written by George and Kathy Lutz, so sinister when displayed on the big screen. But do you know if it was the events of that horror is a true story. George and Kathy wrote the novel based on actual events that later promoted to the big screen. People believe that the writer is someone who actually experienced these events.

The story haunted house was revealed in 1975 when the couple moved into a house in Amityville, New York. The couple recently moved is not known if the house was in the previous 13 years had horrible massacre. Homeowner's son had been shot and killed his entire family of six people. When arrested, he admitted, to kill as agents of a buzzing sound in his head.

But strangely, the sixth victim found face down in their beds. They sleep in peace, there is no sign that they were previously taking tranquilizers. This is a strange mystery. While Ronald DeFeo perpetrators to jail in New York and languished there until death.

Back to the matter of a new family moved into the horror house. During 28 days there, a lot of mysterious and terrible events experienced by these couples. Not only wrote about the stench coming suddenly, or gedebak-thump sound noisy, but also physical attacks is not known who was responsible. In fact, one of the family seeing visions of sinister figure with glowing red eyes. Kathy discovered a small room, the dog did not want to close there. There is?

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