World's Largest Whale

Blue Whale
marine mammal belonging to the Baleen whale suborder. Its length reaches more than 33 meters and weighs 181 metric tons or more. The animal was believed to be the largest animal that ever lived.

Long and slender, the Blue Whale's body can be various shades of gray kebiruannya. There are at least three distinct subspecies: B. m. musculus of the north Atlantic and north Pacific, B. m. intermedia, the Southern Ocean and B. m. brevicauda (also known as the Pygmy Blue Whale) found in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. B. m. indica found in the Indian Ocean, may be another subspecies. As with other Baleen whales, diets containing substantially small crustaceans known as krill, which is as good as small fish and squid.

Blue Whale is abundant in nearly all oceans until the 20th century. For more than 40 years these whales were hunted to near extinction by the whaling until protected by the international community in 1966. A 2002 report estimated there are 5000 to 12,000 in the Blue Whale is located around the world are divided into at least five groups.

Most current research paid attention to the Pygmy Blue Whale subspecies that may under perkiraan.Sebelum whaling, the largest population in the Antarctic, the amount estimated 239,000 (up 202,000 to 311,000). [8] The remainder are only a small portion (approximately 2000) concentrate in each group the northeast Pacific, Antarctic, and Indian Ocean. There are two more groups in the north Atlantic Ocean and at least two in the Southern Hemisphere.

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