The Top 10 Animals Eating Many Victims

The Top 10 Animals Eating Many Victims
This article discusses the malignancy animals - animals that can cause the victim - the victim. Please read the article Strange, Unique, Natural, And this is interesting.
Here he lists 10 most deadly animals on the basis that there are many victims, the list was as follows:

10. Poisoned Arrow Frogs

This frog has a toxic liquid that can kill 10 people at once and very clever disguise. Many found in the middle of South America.

9. Buffalo Africa

This animal weighed 1.5 tons and if he was angry to stab with two sharp horns. If the stand will have a 1.7 meter high and 2.8 meters in length. Many found in Africa.

8. Polar Bear

The most ferocious animal in the Arctic, elephants love to eat the sea, while also eat walruses, whales, and other animals.

7. Elephant Africa

Elephants with large tusks with Part unfriendly people. Each year, killing approximately 500 people by the way happened. It has a weight of 16 tons.

6. Salty Water Crocodile

Weighs 1.6 tons and can kill a buffalo with a fast, he can move as fast as a dolphin and can kill a prey or less 1 minute.

5. Lion of Africa

Animals like the tiger that can kill 70 people per year.

4. Great White Sharks

Weighs 5 tons. Actually, sharks are not prey on humans, but because he was hungry or disturbed existence. Sharks killed several people and dogs every year.

3. Box jellyfish

This animal has particularly about 60 tentacle and 15 feet long. Tentaclenya contain toxins that can kill 50 people. Since the year 1884 there are 5567 people became victims of this vicious animal.

2. Asian Cobra snake

Usually able to kill the victim as much as 50 thousand people every year.

1. Mosquitoes

Who carry the virus Nyamuklah malaria. And every year kill 2 billion people per year, and spread the disease to 70 billion people in the world per year.

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