10 Countries With Highest Average Height in the world

1. Dutch

Men Have dibelanda average height 6 feet, thus placing him at the top Dutch to categories of the male population the world's highest.
This is supported by the fact that the Dutch government recently made it compulsory to change building regulations to increase the height of the door, because the population has grown so high in a few generations. Once again, a Northern European countries appear at the top here, so we must assume that there is a strong genetic component in these results.

2. Sweden

This Scandinavian country has a population of men with average heights of 5 feet 11.5 "putting runners diurutan Swedish up.tidak surprised if Sweden was runner-up, because they do have ancestors who were tinggi.selain Sweden also supported by a tariff of life well, even the United Nations puts Sweden in order to 7 as a country that has the best living standards in the world.

3. Denmark

Thirdly, there diurutan Danish, one European country has a population of men with a height average of 5 feet 11.1 "at placing the order to three.

4. Norway

Norway male batteries have an average height 5 feet 10.7 "as stated in military conscripts. Once again, it does not take into account muda.norwegia old and comes from a very harsh climate, may seem surprising, but the male Norway has been very high since the Vikings (and earlier). Apart from the influence of heredity, the standard of living in the Scandinavian countries are very high indeed, as well as Norway, the United Nations even put Norway in second order as a country that has world's highest living standards. the combination is no wonder if Norway were diurutan 4 in this list.

5. Estonia

Estonian men had an average of 5 feet in height 10.5 ".. do not be surprised if estonia take part in this list

6. Finland

Finnish men had an average of 5 feet in height 10.2 ", actually the data is old, hence the hesitation hesitation to put Finland diurutan to six, but given the ball Volly is the most popular sport in this country, makes us think about the data benar.sekali again is that the standard of living is really affecting the high increase in the next generation.

7. German

The most recent census in Germany, from 2005, giving them the man who was honored with an average height of 5 '10 feet, 1 ", the entire age range. Measurements taken from very young adults (18-19 years) even higher, said that in Germany, like many countries, which continue to push for the ionosphere. Germany climate is not exactly perfect, then we must consider other factors. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, Germany has a standard of living will rise in among the best in the world. Nutrition and health are very good because it states that this has played an important role in national growth.

8. Greece

male population has greek average height "only" 178.1 cm, or 5'10, 1 ". We may be able to show that all the sunshine and the Mediterranean diet served as countries like Italy and Spain have an average height average is a little shorter. We also should add that these statistics are limited to young men, who probably skewed the results. The older generation may be much shorter, and may contribute to the average is very low.

9. United States

measurements taken from all ethnic backgrounds among men between the ages 20-29, male from United States citizens have an average height of 5 'feet 9, 9'. The average height of Americans may be difficult to explain in some word, which is a country that has a lot of differences in living standards, health and diet, and when they have some ethnic groups is very high, they also have a shorter height groups as well.

10. Australia

Includes the latest statistics show that the age range of male Australians continue to grow taller, with an average height of 5 'kaki9 .8 ". Among the young men in Australia, the average height of about 6-feet, which indicates that very good standard of living, warm climate and culture of sport that is dominated by all to help them to increase the height. As a nation that spent the early years as a British penal colony for criminals, who almost certainly have a very poor standard of living, of course they have evolved into above.

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