Session 5 Naked World

May appear naked in Indonesia unusual, even taboo. However, for Western societies organized a number of events with no clothes is a natural thing. One of them naked bike. To commemorate Recreation Nude Recreation Week or Week Without Clothes, recently, a travel site TripAdvisor release of five events for a particular community is considered against the norms of decency:

1. World Naked Bike Ride

Every year since 2004, bicycle enthusiasts will join together to celebrate the culture of protest in order to sue users of arrogance car on the highway. This year in 20 countries around the world, participants will voice their demands in order to live free from oil and factories. Later in the event the participants will be naked and write messages of life in some parts of the body such as, back, midriff and buttocks. The event was held in June and July.

2. AANR World Record Skinny Dip

The event which took place in the North America Region covers the pool without any clothes that do participants that amounted to more than 12,000 participants. Nothing strange, if this show will eventually turn into a mass swim event. Even now become one of the categories in the Guinness Book of World Records. This event took place in July

3. Nude Beach Olympics

Held in Maslin Beach Beach in South Australia in January. This event is the first celebration for Maslin Beach as the first nude beach in the country. The contents of this event is a sports game.

4.Running of the Nudes

Protest march was carried out in order to oppose the atrocities committed on the bull in a bullfight race. Protest every July in Pamplona, Spain was carried out with minimal wear some attributes diseratai crate made of buffalo horns, red scarves and more. Then they ran for half a mile. This event will be animal lovers organization.

5.Black Rock Desert

Art event is held as a form of self expression and creativity in Nevada, USA. The participants will feel a new spirit, if done by taking off their clothes. The event was held from August through September.

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