4 Error Kiss

1. Rough kiss
A kiss should be done gently and with feeling, or hot and passionate. However, not like being pounced on by wild animals. To start a kiss, do it slowly, and let the moment to kiss it awake naturally.

Forcing a passionate kiss may be considered reckless by the couple, so avoid "attacks" like a woman suddenly being jealous. Hold yourself, and watch the signals from the couple. After all, kissing is a team activity, and if the couples do not want it, you'll be too aggressive. You need to change strategy, and allow the couple to the initiative.

2. Vapid kiss
A kiss does not have to "wet", but also not only just touched his lips. Involve your tongue a little. If the couple was hesitant to send kisses, and you want to make sure if he was going to kiss you, show your enthusiasm. Lips are closed and a quick kiss to her was bland

This can be compared when someone shook hands just by touching your hands. Nah steady, right? Menciumlah with heart: leave all your lips, not tightly closed lips. Close your eyes so you can really feel the kiss, and respond with feeling.

3. A kiss that makes ilfil (because of bad breath)
Not hard to eliminate bad breath. Mint candy or gum, or Brush your teeth. Chili found tucked in at all teeth enggak also makes turn on. If possible, avoid foods or beverages that can cause odor, if you are going to see the him.

More important, the wedge had a mild stomach with food for an empty stomach also made halitosis. Experience and technique as good as any kiss will not save up the smell. Bring always candy in the bag, and offer to partners from the beginning if you've smelled something unpleasant.

4. Kiss the wrong target
A kiss on the cheek or forehead can make you feel loved. However, if it is meant to kiss her lips, kiss her lips, no chin, nose, or cheek, especially when combined with a game that left the tongue drool all over his face.
Enthusiasm is the key to a great kiss, but do not have to involve saliva. If you are caught being wiped his face with a tissue or towel, the he also offended.

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