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Western European world from past until now seems to claim that the Warehouse Sciences from Western Europe but you know, the true origin of Sciences Warehouse comes from the Middle East region of Mesopotamia which became the world's oldest civilizations. familiar with the world community as Leonardo Fibonacci mathematician algebra. However, behind the famous as Leonardo Fibonacci was a mathematician of algebraic thinking is strongly influenced by the Muslim scholar named Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. He is a character who was born in Khiva (Iraq) in the year 780. There are many learned men know more about the European mathematicians / West when true many Muslim scholars who become the reference mathematicians from the west
In addition to experts in mathematics al-Khwarizmi, who later settled in Qutrubulli (sebalah west of Baghdad), also an expert in geography, history and artists. His works in mathematics in Kitaab dimaktub wat Tafriq and Jama al-Jabar Hisab wal Muqabla. This is a reference to the European scientists, including Leonardo's Florence Fibonacce and Jacob.

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi is the finding number 0 (zero) which until now used. What will happen to try if the number 0 (zero) was not found try? In addition, he was also instrumental in via goniometry and tanget sine function, linear and quadratic equations and calculations integration (integral calculus). Table measuring the angle (Table Sine and Tangent) is the protractor table reference current.
al-Khwarizmi was also a geographer. His work Kitab Surat al Ard describes in detail the parts of the earth. CA Nallino, translator of al-Khwarizmi's work into Latin, asserted that no one else can Europe produce works such as al-Khwarizmi was.

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