Komodo Island Indonesia expects miracle Log In Seven World

After Borobudur category not included in the World Seven miracle, now the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI struggling so Komodo Island National Park can be entered in the category of miracle Seven national parks. If the target is reached, akan impact of the tourism industry, as it believed to be foreign tourists visited Indonesia many.

Marketing Director-General Department of Culture and Tourism of RI, Sapta Nirwandar said, Borobudur was less popular internationally, so that through a voting over the Internet held New7wonder Foundation, Borobudur is not entered in the World Seven miracle. "Now there is voting, and make into Indonesia Komodo Island National Park," he said, Saturday (21 / 2) in Jakarta.

Data dihimpundari the site www.new7wonder.com mention, as many as 222 countries mendominasikan-261 regional tourist destination, to memperebutkan category seven wonders of the world. Until 7 July 2009, voting to set the excellent 77, 1-11 ranking for the seven categories. From 77 diperas again to 21 candidates or three candidates each category. Then, in September 2009 the Foundation New7wonder new set of Seven miracle.

Results until the voting on 16 February 2009 at 09.37 at the monitored site new7wonder.com, Sunday (22 / 2), Komodo Island National Park is located in the category ranking of 13 in group E (forest / national park / nature réservés). Rank 1-12 while this category is consecutive Puerto Princesa, Amazon, Sundarbans Forest, Tree of Life, Bialowieza Forest, Balck Forest, Retezat National Park, Dinosaur Park, Christmas Island, Eua National Park, Okawango Delta, and the El Kala National Park.

Sapta Nirwandar explains, public awareness of the world to make nature tourism unggulannya selected as the miracle of Seven already high. In Italy, for example, restaurants and tourist attractions provide free Internet access to the site foundations that choose to participate directly.

While in Indonesia, akan menyosialisasi side of this music through activities that will be done by Dwiki Dharmawan with orkestranya in May 2009. The people who are expected to be like the internet to participate and support the Komodo National Park entrance object category miracle Seven World.

"If the people of Indonesia now supports the simultaneous Allah in July 2009, Komodo can enter the world ranking 11 September and set a new winner," said Sapta.

Tourism observer Ridwan Tulus dimintai the responses, Sunday (22 / 2), said internet users have at least 13 million people. If a large number of participating can fill out this form voting, the island of Komodo National Park can be entered World category miracle Seven national parks.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism should promote and incentive menyosialisasikan voting on this. If the miracle fails to enter the World Seven, means Depbudpar failed. Socialization can be through state-owned, community, educational institutions, and many other ways, said Ridwan Tulus, who is also President of the Association of Tourism attractions of Asia-Pacific region.

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