where the center of the earth do?

Mecca - spiritual center point of the Earth

Neil Armstrong has proven that Mecca is the center of the planet Earth. This fact has been examined through a scientific research. When Neil Armstrong for the first time to travel to space and taking pictures of the planet Earth, in said: "Planet Earth hang in the area was very dark, who menggantungnya?."

The astronauts have found that the planet Earth is a kind of removing the radiation, they mengumumkannya officially on the Internet, but unfortunately it 21 days later raib website that there seems to be derived is hidden behind the deletion website.

After further research, the radiation is based in Mecca, came precisely from Ka'Bah. Surprising is that radiation are infinite (not be), this terbuktikan when they take photos planet Mars, radiation is still ongoing on. The researchers believe that the Muslim has the characteristics of this radiation and connect between the Ka'Bah on the planet Earth with the Ka'bah in the Hereafter.

in the middle between the north poles and south poles, there is an area that is called 'Zero Magnetism Area' means is when we remove the compass in the area, the compass needle will not move at all because of the attractiveness of the same magnitude between the two poles .

That is, if someone living in Mecca, he will live longer, healthier, and not much influenced by the strength of gravity more. Therefore it when we are beset Ka'Bah, then as if we ourselves are charged back by a mysterious energy, and this is a fact that has been proven scientifically.

Research revealed that other stone Black Stone is the oldest stone in the world and can also float in water. In a museum in the country of the UK, there are three snippets of stone (from Ka'Bah) and the museum also said that bongkahan stones is not a system derived from our solar system.

In one of sabdanya, Rasulullah SAW said, "Black Stone was sent down from heaven, the color more than white milk, and the sins of the children and grandchildren Adamlah make it black. (Al-Jami al-Hajj Tirmidzi (877))
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