boundary limits of the world

Most extreme point in the world:

* The starting point is located in the north is the north pole in the arctic Ocean.
* The starting point is located in the northern mainland is the island Kaffeklubben, east Greenland (83 ° 40 ').
* The starting point is located at the southern most of the world and also the southern most point on the mainland is in the south polar continent Antarctica.
* The starting point is located in the west the land according to international date line is the island of Attu in Alaska.
* The starting point is located east of the mainland according to the international date line is an island in the Caroline Kiribati.

The height and depth

* The starting point is the highest peak of Everest at 8,850 m (29,035 feet) above sea level.
* The starting point is the lowest Challenger Deep in the Mariana Palung 200 miles from Guam in the Pacific Ocean as deep as 10,911 m (36,198 feet) below sea level.
* The starting point is the lowest in the land surface of the Dead Sea in Jordan, Israel, 417 m (1,349 feet) below sea level.
* The starting point farthest from the center of the earth is far Chimborazo peak 6384.4 km (due to the form of the earth that is not perfectly rounded). Everest summit is only so far as 6382.3 km from the center of the earth.
* Nearest point from the center of the earth is likely a certain point in the basic ocean Artik far north polar 6353 km. (basic trough Mariana 6366.4 only as far from the center of the earth).
* Land with an average altitude is the highest Antarctic continent with an average altitude of 2300 m (7544 feet) above sea level.


* The starting point in the land which is the point farthest from the sea is 320 km from the city of Urumqi in the Xinjiang autonomous region in the People's Republic of China on 46 ° 16.8 'N 86 ° 40.2' BT. (about wilderness Dzoosotoyn Elisen). This position is a straight line as far as 2648 km from the nearest coastline.
* The starting point in the ocean that is the point farthest point from the mainland called Nemo is in the Pacific Ocean at coordinates 48 ° LS 125 ° BB is far more than 2670 km from the nearest land. Located in the middle of the sea area of 22,420,000 km ². This region is more knowledgeable of the entire region used Sovyet Union.
* The most remote island is Bouvet Island is uninhabited islands that are not that Norway is a region that is in the coordinates 54 ° 26 'LS 3 ° 24' BT. Nearest land is not uninhabited area in the Antarctic Queen Maud about 1600 km to the south.
* The most remote of Easter Island and Isla Sala y Gómez 480 km around each other. Located 2250 km far to the west sea and Pitcairn Islands 3300 km from the west coast of Chile.


* The highest temperature recorded by meteorology station in El Azizia, Sahara on 13 September 1922 are at 57.8 ° C (136 ° F). Temperatures on the previous highest 56.7 ° C (134 ° F) in Death Valley, California on 10 July 1913. From 6 July to 17 August 1917 for 43 consecutive days the temperature in Death Valley is in the top 48 ° C (120 ° F).
* The temperature at the lowest -89.2 ° C (-128.6 ° F) in Vostok, Antarctica on 21 July 1983.
* Spot terbasah in Cherrapunji, Bangladesh is in the altitude of 1290 m above sea level to receive the rainfall average per year is 1270 cm.
* Spot terkering in the Atacama desert, Chile, which only receive rainfall average per year is 0:01 cm. Some locations in the Atacama desert never even rain for 400 years!


* Lake night world is Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan - Russia - Kazakhstan - Turkmenistan - Iran covering 394,299 km ² (152,239 mi ²).
* Lake of the highest in the world is Lake Titicaca in Peru which is located on a height 12,500 feet above sea level.
* Sea is the Mediterranean sea that has a broad 1,144,800 miles ².
* Terdalam Ocean is the Pacific Ocean which has an average depth of 13,215 feet.
* Ocean is the Pacific Ocean that has a broad 60,060,700 miles ².
* Ocean arctic Ocean is the smallest have only a broad 5,427,000 miles ².
* Bay Gulf of Mexico is the largest that has 615,000 miles ² wide.
* Terpanjang River is the river Nile in Africa throughout the 6690 km (4180 miles).
* River cut ROE is the river in Montana, the United States only as long as 200 feet.
* River of the Amazon river is the largest with an area of 2,500,000 miles ².
* Terluas is a subtropical desert Sahara desert in Morocco - Western Sahara - Algeria - Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - Mauritania - Mali - Niger - Chad - Ethiopia - Eritrea - Somalia covering 3.5 million miles ².
* Continental is the largest continent Asia with an area of 44,579,000 km ² (17,212,000 mi ²).
* Continental smallest continent is Australia with a 3,132,000 mile ².
* Country terluas Russia is of 17,075,400 km ².
* Country Vatican is the smallest area of only 0:44 km ².
* Countries with a land frontier in terpanjang is People's Republic of China that has a border line as far as 22,117 km.
* Countries with a number of countries that are most directly adjacent People's Republic of China that borders with 14 neighboring countries.
* Border terpanjang between the 2 countries is the border between Canada and the United States as far as 8891 km.
* Mount is Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Only 4100 m (13,448 feet) from the mountain above the sea surface. But when measured from the sea floor, Mauna Loa exceed a height of Everest more than 3 / 4 mile. Mauna Loa have a volume of 15,520 km ³ (9,700 miles ³).
* Gelombang highest sea occurred on 9 July 1958 in Lituya Bay, Alaska when a large earthquake caused landslides in the large bay Lituya cause waves at 524 m (1720 feet).
* The highest wind speeds occurred in the Belgrano II, Argentina in the Antarctic region on the speed of 351 km / h.
* Countries with a coastline of Canada is terpanjang with 243,792 km (including the coastline of 52,455 islands in Canada).
* The island is the largest island of Greenland, which has 839,999 miles ² wide.
* Peninsula is the Peninsula of Arabia has a broad 1,250,000 miles ².
* Islands is an archipelago of Indonesia has 17,000 islands in the Bentang 3500 miles.
* Gugus terpanjang mountains are mountains in the Andes of South America as far as 5000 miles away.
* Highest waterfall is Angel Falls in Venezuela which has an altitude of 3212 feet.
* Laguna is the Lagoa dos Patos, Brazil along the 150 miles with a 4500 mile ².

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