the mystery behind the aroma body

Pheromone, a chemical substance released by our bodies, to provide a certain influence on the behavior of others. Here are some of the mysterious power.

Makes us so inflame. When women kiss androstadienone, a kind of pheromone found in male sweat, kortisol their level increases. Kortisol is known as the hormone associated with stress. However, this hormone is also associated with sexual pleasure.

Help find the Mr Right. When women T-shirts worn down some men, they would prefer a different aromanya with the family members. In sum, preferences are taken without realizing this could prevent the wedding antarkerabat close.

Encouraging women reproduce. After the smell of breastmilk breast pad for two months, a pair of women who still experienced an increase passion make up to 24 percent. Spekulasinya, considering the normal baby will grow well when abundant food is available, the signal is defined as a force other women to join reproduce.

Make the cycle ovulasi women. Researchers have long observed, some college student who always interact in a group tend to menstruate at the same time period. This strengthened the presumption that this is triggered by dominannya aroma produced pheromone belonging to one of the women. In Japan, the study shows that 38 percent of college student who lived in the dormitory will start coming months on the same date, in only three months.

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