Oh No ... Rusian Spider violent 10 Men

Carefully exposed jeratan gossamer this beautiful Russian women. Hobinya collect the spider's poisonous. Besides a quite strange hobby, he was also fishing with the men's beauty, poison and rape them.

Women who are known and named Valeria K is quite eksentrik. For all men who have violent course he hopes they can remember what to do Valeria. But women aged 32 years is even anesthetize them with klonidin.

Her Hobies is collecting spider making Valeria called black widow, a kind of spider is toxic and kill the spider eat the male after the make with it. Meanwhile, the bizarre sexual behavior terendus authorities at a number of male patients with complaints increased in the same hospital.

They poisoned klonidin suffering and disease on the penis. Not many of them remember the beautiful blond women, except that red regale their drinks in a apartment. According to them, she was very friendly.

Valeria revealed that he is the man to inveigle apartments. In the beverages are, have been mixed klonidin that make them comatose for 24 hours.

Then it is the men who inflame pangkalnya is bound to be upright for hours at Valeria memperkosanya. After that, the victims are removed in a quiet area. When conscious, they do not remember anything. The last thing they can remember, met a beautiful woman.

Of 10 men who raped Valeria, only one who does not want to report because they do not do not feel loss as a result of rape. "I really like women's section, unfortunately, it uses klonidin," said the man who never mentioned his name was cited as ChattaBox.com, Tuesday (23 / 6).

Although Valeria eventually caught and admitted done, police still

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