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1. Did you know that in addition to racial Jews, forbidden to buy or lease land in Israel?

2. Did you know that every race of Jews in every country around the world into Israeli citizen automatically? While the Palestinians who were born in the land of his own country since tens of centuries ago continue driven out of Palestine?

3. Did you know that the Palestinian population residing in areas Israel should use the vehicle with paint and a special color to distinguish between Jews and non-racial Jews?

4. Did you know that eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan plateau is considered by the international community and especially the western United States as Israel conquered the area and not part of Israel?

5. Did you know that Israel allocate 85% of clean water for the race only Jews and distribute the remaining 15% for the entire Palestinian population of Israel settled in the area? In reality, Israel allocate 85% of clean water for only 400 Jewish residents in Hebron, while the remaining 15% allocated to the 120 thousand Palestinian residents in the area?

6. Did you know that the American mengalolasikan U.S. $ 5 milyad from income taxes each year to contribute to Israel?

7. Did you know that America continues to provide military aid to Israel for U.S. $ 1.8 billion each tahunnnya? And do you know that the registration was the same as the U.S. contribution to the whole country on the continent of Africa?

8. Did you know that Israel is waiting for additional war aid for U.S. $ 4 billion from the U.S. consisting of F 16 fighter aircraft, Apache and Blackhawk? And because America is the main coalition of the State of Israel, then he must provide all the required facilities to guarantee the existence of Israel.

9. Did you know that the American government has been pressing Congress about the Israeli violations in the use of weapons that they contribute? Especially in 1978, 1979 and in 1982 the war in Lebanon and the use of nuclear weapons in 1981.

10. Did you know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East who refuse to sign a ban on nuclear weapons development? And rejected the UN investigation team to inspect its nuclear hideout?

11. Did you know that before the founding of Israel in 1948, already has nuclear weapons development plant?

12. Did you know that the Israeli High Officer in the Department of War admitted openly that the Israeli military to kill all Palestinian prisoners of war without trial?

13. Did you know that Israel detonates the American diplomat's residence and attacked the U.S. Liberty warship in international waters in 1967? Although the attack killed 33 American soldiers and wounded another 177, but the Americans did not take any action against Israel? Only on the grounds that the Israeli army of targeting? Imagine if the attack was carried out by the Islamic State?

14. Did you know that Israel is the country most widely ignored UN resolutions? The number of resolutions ignored by Israel to reach 69 units. Imagine if one ignores the Islamic State 1 UN resolutions, what would be done by Americans?

15. Did you know that the Israeli government to use the political system of conservation of Jewish racial identity in order to remain a citizen of that State?

Ariel Sharon Pictures, Images and Photos

16. Did you know that the Israeli Supreme Court has appointed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a suspect in the massacre Shabra and Syatilla on September 16, 1982 in Lebanon that killed more than 1000 Palestinians comprised of children, women and the elderly?

17. Did you know that on May 20, 1990, an Israeli soldier ordered the Palestinian workers who were waiting for a bus at a bus stop to sit lined up on the ground, after which he was shooting at them from a distance of half a meter? Pulakah you know that the Israeli government declared innocent soldiers and even received a special award from the Israeli government?

18. Did you know that until the year 1988, all factories and offices in Israel may only attach a job description with the words: "a job only for the Jewish race", "looking for an employee with the Jewish race condition"?

19. Did you know that the Israeli Foreign Ministry pays 6 American media companies to create a positive image of Israel to the American and European societies?

20. Did you know that Sharon invites Molodeit Radical Party to become the main coalition cabinet? And the party's radical beridiologi with membesihkan basic perception of Israel from Jews and non-racial forcible expulsion of Palestinians from the Israelis?

21. Did you know that Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gorion agree with the steps of forced evictions throughout the Israeli-Arab race?

22. Did you know that the big monk in Israel who also Ofadya founder Joseph Syas Party (the third largest party in Israel) to support Israeli military action to kill Palestinians? He even issued a fatwa radicals in the Easter holidays and in an interview at the largest radio network in Israel: "God will repay all arab citizens evil, God will destroy his offspring, kill and destroy the land and God will repay them with a painful doom. Therefore banned all Jewish race to provide a sense of love arab saying to the citizens, and compulsory for every Jew to launch missiles and weapons to the chest and the head of every citizen to kill Arabs, because they were creatures of evil and the damned "... ...

23. Did you know that Palestinian refugees in the world?

24. Did you know that the population of Palestinian Christians are united with the Muslim Palestinian population against the Jewish invaders?

25. Did you know, despite Israel's Supreme Court issued a decision banning torture in the process of examination, but Shinbet (Israeli intelligence agency) still continue to torture any Palestinian fighters in the examination process?

26. Did you know that even if Israel continues to disrupt the teaching-learning process and destroy all facilities and educational prasara Palestinian population, but the Palestinian population remains the largest country in the world whose inhabitants doctorate degree (S3)? This is when seen from the percentage of the population.

27. Did you know that every human being has the same rights guaranteed by the law of international human rights published on December 10, 1948? But do you know that the law did not apply to the Palestinian population? because hindered by the signing of Oslo Compact?

28. Did you know that the majority of the world's history books say arab countries that attacked Israel first in the 1967 war? When in fact, it was Israel which attacked the arab countries first and then they took the town of Al-Quds and the West Bank? But they said that the attack was an attack to protect yourself and anticipation?

29. Did you know that Israel as a colonial state was not bound by the Geneva konsvensi to safeguard the rights and safety of Palestinian civilians?

30. Did you know that the orders of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel had not obeyed again by the Israeli military? One example is when he forbade the Israeli military to conduct prohibited truce and fired, but the Israeli military continues to attack, fired on Palestinian civilians and destroying their homes. You're the saddest incidents of killings of three Palestinian women, when they were in a refuge camp?

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31. Did you know that Israel has taken great care to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Rock Qubah since 50 years ago by digging underground mosque to collapse by itself?

32. Did you know that South African President Nelson Mandela said that Israel is the state of racism and apartheid like conditions of South Africa before he led?

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