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Maybe you've never tried a variety of classes that have star hotels, but've ever had staying at the 7 star hotel? Hotel of the most beautiful and most sophisticated in the world bro!

Currently only 1 hotel that went into the hotel with a grade classification of seven stars, the hotel is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Hotel is built on the boat scenes of the famous Arabic. The hotel is built on artificial islands and the first hotel to be recognized as the Seven Star hotel. After the Burj Al Arab, began to emerge of luxury hotels with rates that are said to compete with this remarkable hotel.

Want to know which hotel are entitled to a degree menyadang seven star hotel?

Burj Al Arab

The hotel accommodates only 202 rooms, because each floor (and each bedroom) has two levels! Each room in this hotel have an average of between 1800 to 8000 square feet. Cheapest rooms at the Burj Al Arab is cost about 10 million silver per night, and the most expensive rooms are in a number of around 250 million rupiah per night. In addition to the great room and incredible scenery and beautiful buildings, this hotel has a restaurant was also regarded as the best restaurant, and became home to some of the world's best chef!

* Morgan Plaza

Hotels are also known as seven-star luxury hotel is still in its early stages of development. Development carried out in Beijing, China, but is expected to be completed in March 2009 (and apparently still have not finished). The hotel will be built over Morgan Plaza adjacent to many national landmark buildings in the district of China Chang An.

* The Flower of the East

Hotel was built in Kish Island, Iran began in 2004 and is expected to be completed in 2010. The hotel is central to the construction of a magnificent complex and large, with several hotels, and office kondiminium lavish luxury that is expected to attract foreign exchange and business from foreign countries.

The hotel is designed exactly like its name, a flower. The design of this hotel is a combination of the influence of Persian and Modern architecture, and once completed will be surrounded by beautiful gardens and will look from different angles at the magnificent complex that will be built.

* The Centaurus

This hotel is a hotel in Pakistan winning project, The Centaur. The hotel is expected to be completed in 2010, and hopes that Pakistan is all part of the existing Plaza will become a symbol of the growth of this country. The hotel is planned to be built as tall as 37 floors.

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