Living Head Half "Still Life"

Fate Steve Gator, 26, was definitely not. Half his head was crushed by a brutal attack two thugs. Lucky life is saved, although the incident because he was disabled for life. Head by half, and looks to be very frightening.

The surgeon acted quickly by removing some of the crushed skull and immediately pelastik operation. The result as can be seen in this picture, which forms the head of Steve's daily work as a forklift driver to be weird.
Told, that the two thugs to attack Steve and crush his head on the pavement. Strangely, the Attorney General rather than to punish the perpetrators, it dropped the case so that makes Steve's mother, Nina Gator shocked and furious. "I do not believe this," said Mrs. Gator, 47, was angry. "Every person has the right to justice and that is determined by the jury." He said.
CPS lawyers said it needed more evidence before you go to trial. But the Lady Gator vehemently said, "Now our children walk with half his head, much less evidence is needed??"
The assault occurred when Steve came home from work to home. As a result of violent assault, Steve is coming from Harold Hill, Romford, Esex, suffered serious brain damage. Now he often suffer convulsions, tough talk and memory loss.
The incident happened at exactly 7:30 PM on January 15 last, when he walked home. When it comes screaming shouting taunts about his cousin. He was angry, but one of his players hit so hard that he terkengkang and kepalanyapun hit the pavement hard. Severe conditions that make an instant coma and it lasted for two weeks.
His mother panicked and confused, he always kept beside her bed being treated at Queen's Hospital, Romford. Serious swelling on his brain, and doctors immediately did surgery a few hours after he was taken. Fortunately, Steve's handling of the rapid progress that his life had diselematkan.
This is a miracle because of damage to the brain so severe Steve, even the doctors have warned parents wanti Steve, Nina, that the life expectancy (chance of surviving) to her son is only 15 percent. In fact Steve could survive. Two days after the incident, police arrested two teenagers suspected of attacking a menggerkan it.
While Steve, a week after out of the coma was brought home by parents who will do treatment at home. Steve was also forced out from work.
By fighting back tears, Nina said, now his son became a different boy. He was no longer like the old Steve, his mother said sadly. "He was so independent, but now he can not do that anymore, now he can not drive," said Nina. "He only has half a head. Now he really lost his self-confidence, "added Nina again.
Now, says Nina, there's nothing to protect (skull) brain, there is only the skin. "We are now waiting for the execution of the operation back to install a new kind of skull plates that will be put disana.Karenanya he was shocked that attack kalaupelaku Steve was not punished.
"And this condition will be borne by my son during his life," he said.
Crown Borough, Havering Prosecutor, Corrine Soanders, said: "A decision was made to charge the two defendants with unlawful wounding on January 17, 2009." This case will be continued only if the CPS has included yan sufficient evidence and relevant to the case.
Termination of this case was painful for Steve's family, especially for victims who must be maimed for life.
"I apologize to the victims and their families to not convey this decision to them personally," said the prosecutor. I would if they were (Steve's family) would like to request further clarification about this case, the prosecutor added again.

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