Weird Animals Found Similar to Humans

in the Derbyshire Countryside, England alone, according to the narrative some locals, at night it often appears bright rays mysterious flying in some places that area. Usually most often appear around the edge of the surrounding river overgrown with trees or around their plantations. However, they do not know with certainty whether the creatures that emit bright light that, if approached as if the light was fading and finally just disappeared.

The body of this creature detemukan by a citizen on a mound around his yard. When first seen, these people thought this creature was a small child's body, so he hurried grabbed his cell phone to contact police. Because the impulse of curiosity large, Before the police arrived on scene, he got closer and look at the creature's body. In her heart she also had a chance to think and feel awkward, why the little creature's body this one has a wing-like leaves? And his body was too small for the size of a toddler? Even when the police arrived, they were also confused and did not understand, this is what creature?

According to reports from the results of X-ray, the creature has a bone structure similar to the arrangement of bones in infants, but in a little hollow body such as the types of animals Insecta. Uniquely, it also has a physical form similar to humans, has 2 hands full with 5 fingers, two legs, and on the head there is a network layer is very thin skin that grows golden blond hair.

But that is not out think, why these creatures have wings and height classified as very small, between 10-20 cm high. His body did not decay, but instead dry and did not remove the stench. On the wing structure itself, though quick when viewed similar to the leaves, but this is not a kind of leaf, if touched it will show perbedanya. Wings similar to the wing structure Insecta animals in general.

Until recently, forensic teams are examining the remains of these creatures do not understand fully about the type and identity. But from the conclusions obtained, these creatures have certain DNA structure similar to human DNA, but also there are many similarities with the animals Insecta.

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