"Jenglot" Mysterious Creature From Indonesia

Jenglot, mysterious creatures of Indonesia is a strange phenomenon began to spread in the community in 1997an year. Jenglot is an object / creature (I am puzzled to determine whether the object or creature) is a small human form with a body no more than 12 cm and long hair, sparse and stiff through the legs, and her nails long.

Jenglot believed to society is as a person who has the magic of science in the past (maybe a hermit so) who died, but was rejected by the earth, so that his body was not destroyed but shrinks to a shape like jenglot. Means believed that "jenglot it used to be a man" ...

If examined from a scientific aspect, it is clear there can be no such phenomenon. The human body would decompose if buried in the ground.

Even more strangely again, usually jenglot appear suddenly or at the time of the sakti (shaman) to high-level mystical rituals.

Then according to the sacred, jenglot must be fed blood, one drop of blood each period (how many weeks / days, I am less tau). Uniquely, every time jenglot not given appropriate conditions of blood there would be a misfortune that had befallen the people around.

Is this all just mystical, or can be explained scientifically?

According to the sources that I can, jenglot was never investigated scientifically. Here's an excerpt from the article.

Forensic experts FKUI-RSCM: Jenglot Not Human

JENGLOT never checked dr Budi Sampurna DSF at the Forensic RSCM. 10.65 cm long objects, like a creepy doll that has the same head, body, hands and feet and loose hair as long as 30 cm. The size of each was proportional. Only, the size of fingernails and long fangs. Fangs sticking out most of the size of the head, long nails too and pointed to it is not possible chilling the audience stood up. "Every 35 days on Friday Legi, we love one drop of blood mixed with oil javaron as if many people give offerings of flowers or incense," said Hendra.

No one knows whether the blood was actually taken or not by creatures that weigh 37.2 grams. According to Hendra, the body is still there jenglot life. Signs of life, he says, can be seen from the eyes that can move at any time and the hair and nails are long. Is jenglot and his friends were still alive or at least been alive? Hendra with the courage to "challenge" to the medical experts examined objectively. Apparently tit for tat. RSCM forensic interested parties to examine the "humanitarian" jenglot. Of course not based on mysticism, but medically based science. So on Thursday, September 25, 1997 afternoon, being taken to the RSCM jenglot to be medically examined. Forensic and living room RSCM rontgent visitors suddenly crowded.

They consist of paramedics, medical students, journalists and a number of hospital visitors who are interested to see the arrival of jenglot placed in a carved wooden box. Forensic experts FKUI-RSCM, Budi Sampurna DSF said, jenglot examination with such a background that has been known to the wider community is an interesting challenge for the medical world to prove in terms of science. According to dr Budi, in order to prove jenglot humanity, it will be done by means of detection to determine rontgent bone structure and the basic ingredients of life tests such as C, H, O or protein.

For this purpose, forensic experts take samples of material suspected of being skin or meat and a piece of hair jenglot. Dilakuan own sampling by Hendra that moment came to take their RSCM three incense sticks. "As a precaution, lest anyone catch her sawab (influence)," he said about hio.

Doctor Djaya Surya Atmaja then photographed and measured the various parts of the "body" jenglot. After that radiology specialist, Dr. Muh Ilyas examined using X-ray jenglot In a further examination of goods collection Hendra refused surgery. The reason, Jenglot body will be damaged. "As a result of not good for us all," he said.

After the examination results were declared jenglot no bone structure. Results rontgent witnessed dozens of journalists, medics, student practice, it only shows the form of a buffer-like structure from head to body. Also visible is also a network of four nails and no teeth remaining. "There is a similar network of meat, but we are not sure whether it was meat or other ingredients," said Muh Ilyas.

To get more detailed results, the jenglot investigated with a CT scan. Apparently jenglot not have human-like structures although resemble human outer appearance. Now the Forensic FKUI-RSCM still examining samples of skin / flesh and hair to find out jenglot blood, its DNA. "It took about three weeks," he said.

Responding to these results, Hendra said, "Whatever the outcome we must accept dong," he said. Gatra magazine, No. 52/III, 15 November 1997 to give his report on jenglot. Research conducted Djaja Surya Atmaja Doctor PhD, from the University of Indonesia showed that the skin samples examined jenglot has characteristics as DNA (deoxyribosenucleic acid) humans. "I was surprised to see this reality," said Djaja, doctorate in the field of forensic DNA is a graduate of Kobe University, Japan, 1995.

But Djaja reject the assumption as if he recognizes as a human jenglot. "But I took a sample of human characteristics jenglot show," he said. The sample of skin incision and a half wide jenglot sized nail, peeling off his arm. Examples of skin that is then examined in the laboratory RSCM on the initiative and personal expenses. Seirisan onion skin specimens were then extracted for DNA from the cell nucleus. DNA is the genetic material in the form of a long base-building protein, chromosome structure. At the core of human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each piece can be cut, many loci, a unit that builds a certain nature.

Djaja check on Jenglot DNA loci D1S80 number of chromosomes 1 and HLA-DQA1 of chromosome 5, and five other special loci with PCR technique (polymerase chain reaction). Examination HLA-DLA-DQA1 give positive results. That is, Jenglot specimen came from a family of primate-to monkeys, can also human. But the investigation of locus D1S80, Djaja a certainty that the DNA sample was characterized as a human being. The findings surprised the study was strengthened by the PCR machine. "The result was, I must say," said one expert forensic DNA Indonesia 37-year-old. Hendra Hartanto happy to hear the results of research Djaja. "It's about heritage 3112-year-old," he said when met at the exhibition title Gatra Benda Heritage Jenglot, Metro Plaza Sunter, North Jakarta time.

Doctor Budi Pramono, who had merontgen jenglot, surprised at the results of research Djaja Surya. "Like what? It should be clear. I do not believe kok. Later I will confirm directly to the doctor Djaja," he said. To be sure, Budi not believe if jenglot considered alive. "Living things that need to eat and breathe. Then the structure needs to bone, heart, lung, and others. Jenglot not have it all," he said.

To explain the complete figure jenglot, Budi said, need to be investigated further anatomical structures, the microscopic aspect of the network, even the enzyme in the body. Leadership RSCM had Jenglot interested in studying. But after Budi reported that no completeness jenglot organs as a creature, the intention was to diminish. Jenglot considered like any other mystical works that do not contain scientific challenge. Until then Djaja Surya DNA from the skin test arm, which was characterized by humans. But it did not absolutize Djaja findings. Investigations could be missed because of sample contamination. "For example, the skin previously exposed jenglot human blood smear," he said.

Jenglot time display, a father who claimed to come from Salatiga to ask, "Can jenglot breed?''

The question stemmed solely from his worries if the "vicious creatures" (because of the blood meal) is more and more. Hendra but dismissed concerns it. According to him, just live jenglot supernatural (spirits). That is, life has not like living life. Because actual jenglot physically dead (mummies). "However, in his death that he still has the power,''he said. Because of that, he let those who have power in order to prove the existence of" energy''it.

"The energy contained in jenglot really great, until I bounced a few feet. In fact, I've got the ability to power in meremukkannya, but was not able to. Wow, really amazing, "said one visitor who did not want to be named, after trying out the energy stored in the display at jenglot Exhibition Room Queen Pasarraya Jalan Pemuda Semarang.

Indeed, many visitors are less confident jenglot has supernatural energy. However, for visitors who have knowledge or power in a supernatural power, a new mini mummy believe they have great energy. As to be able to throw the visitors who tried it.

From the article above can be concluded that after investigation it has characteristics such as jenglot animal / living things (I did not mention humans) and has a great energy. Although we (I) do not believe this, but we can not deny that this is a strange phenomenon 'Real and It'.

Until now no one can answer with certainty whether scientifically jenglot it. But increasingly more jenglot found in Indonesia, particularly the island of Java. Even some time ago found a mermaid and human jenglot snakes.

Actually, if this phenomenon? anyone can explain it?

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