Gang World's Most Horrible

Aryan Brotherhood (AB, The Brand)

Although not the largest gang in prison, AB (aryan brotherhood) killed many prisoners in jail. Gang amounted to only 1% of the prison population, but size does not segalany for them. In fact they brtanggung responsible for killing 26% of all U.S. detainees. To join with AB, one must kill the other prisoners, this is known as "there is blood in, blood out there". For those who want out will be killed. (AB is known for organized crime, extortion, inmate Prostitution, drug trafficking, and murder-for-hire.)


The Mexian Mafia (La EME) has a headquarters and members in many prisons throughout the U.S.. Founded in 1950 in California. Hubunngan has close to AB. La EME has many contracts with the gang - another gang to kill their rivals. This gang does not have many rules. Some have rules: do not expose the aisle, there is no maho, and not a coward. (La EME is well known for its drug trafficking, extortion, and murder)

The Mungiki (Kenyan Mafia)

Mungiki can be found in the poorest regions in Kenya. Gang was founded in 1980. Mungiki is hard to resist and resent Christianization and Westernization. These gang members are forced to trust the genital cutting of women, beheading and mutilation. Mungiki has killed 50 people because the dispute occurred, 2 of reply was beheaded police kepalany

Primeiro commando da Capital (PCC)

PCC (Primeiro commando da Capita) is a Brazilian gang founded in 93 by 8 prisoners. Strongly against the whole device from the government of the police station to the bus station. Since 2006 the gang has attacked public facility 300. Each member must pay $ 27 for reply in prison, and $ 270 for what was free. Most of the money used to buy weapons and drugs. To join this gang one must be "known" by other members, and "acceptable" oath of allegiance.

Black Guerrilla Family (Black Family, Black Vanguard)

Founded in 1966 by George Jackson in Marin Country, CA. Black guirella family is a member of a gang of African-American race. This gang was established to raise the dignity of people "black" in prison and planning to overthrow the U.S. government. This gang has a close relationship with the schools of Marxism. Until today has more than 50,000 members, but many of those who join other gangs as well. To join the deal is to "black" and recognized and selected olrh existing members.

La Nuestra Familia

La Nuestra is a gang of Mexican Americans prisoner. Founded in 1968 and became rivals the weight of La EME. This gang culture cichano maintain. Elders menontrol gang gang from prison to do kegiatanya. This gang is known to kill anyone. These gang members are known to be heavy because criminalist La Nuestra has time recruitment and orientation of up to 2 years. La Nuestra also requires that upholds the gang over family, money, drugs and women. Women are forbidden to join but are sometimes used to distribute the drug.

Texas Syndicate (Texas 7)

Sydicate Texas / Texas 7 (T7) gang that was founded as a response to gangs in California other gangs such as La EME and AB, because the gangs are very intimidating gangs, especially in Texas. Therefore prisoners in Texas to form gangs for their self defense. T7 not allow members outside the Hispanic race. Most forbidden caucasian race in T7. This gang of immigrants mexico, not the Mexican people who were born and raised in the U.S.. In 2000 it was reported gang members in prison in 1000 and 830 outside the prison. (Texas Syndicate is known for contract murder, gambling, Prostitution, extortion, and drug trafficking)


The Crips was founded by 16-year-old son Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington. This gang started as a small gang and gangs associated with other individual gangs. But now has developed into one of the largest and most powerful gangs in the U.S.. Membership of some 300,000 people. The Crips is known to use blue. They are heavy rival Bloods gangs and Hispanic gangs. This gang famously brutal and coarse, usually fighting with other gangs as well as fellow members and ended with the death of a member.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Mara Salvactrucha (MS-13) makes all the gang like a fool who sell drugs. The fact is MS-13 is the most deadly gang ever seen. These gang members are generally people of Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador and other Central Americans. This gang was founded in 1980 to protect immigrants from other major gang gang. This gang has spread from Central America to Spain, U.S., UK and Canada. In the U.S. alone membership of some 10,000 people. This gang has no regret for killing anyone. MS-13 to hunt and kill anyone who talked about legal violations committed by MS wrote 13. MS 13 gang adalag very brutal, especially to those innocent people (non-gangsters). They've opened fire on a bus with children and women, ending with the death of 28 people. (MS-13 is well known for drug Smuggling, black market gun sales, theft, contract killing, human trafficking, and assault, especially on law enforcement).

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