10 Reasons not passionate Sex


There are many reasons why sex is supposed to be the event has been waiting for it to be the most avoided by some couples. But according to the American sexologists, there are 10 main reasons why sex would not you like.

"Sex is a very good routine for health because it can satisfy the emotional, physical, and enhance partner intimacy. But unfortunately some people are experiencing 'drought' sex," says Anita H. Clayton, MD, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia as reported by Health on Friday (7/8/2009).

Here are 10 reasons why sex is something you would not want anymore.

1. Your bed is not sexy
Never use the bed to do something other than sex and sleep. Remove magazines, newspapers, laptops, food or any items that could interfere with the sex. Using silk sheets could memperseksi your bed.

2. The drugs can steal sex mood
According to Michael Krychman, MD, of Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California, drugs such as the contraceptive pill can reduce one's sexual desires, because it produces a protein called sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which can lower testosterone resulting in a lack of mood to have sex.

3. You kind of person who was busy working
That modern life requires you to work as hard as could be the cause of your sex life dried up due to stress.

There's a good idea to get rid of a laptop, mobile phone or a kitchen knife and then soak in warm water in the tub, it can make your sex mood back up.

4. You do not like the body's own
Many women who described himself as a woman who is not sexy, especially with the media onslaught that is often interpreted section through the beauty of the body.

The women, do not ever feel inferior to the state of your body. Surely there are things that make your partner interested in other than just the body.

5. You enter the perimenopausal age
Reduced estrogen hormone with age it can trigger some psychological changes, including the mood for sex.

Organ vaginal started sensitive, weakened and can not discharge lubrication. Consult with your doctor to address these problems, hormone therapy or some cream you can try.

6. Your spouse did not want to
Talk with your partner, what is troubling her and lowered her sex mood. General problem is difficult to articulate couples sexual desire.

Maybe he wanted adventure more exciting sex or maybe he was having an affair? Communicate things in ways that loving, not with emotion.

7. You're depressed
If you're depressed, especially women, are usually things that will do is to isolate himself. Depression can be beat deep desire to make love even when the power of your love is not immediately addressed. Many-multiply exercise to reduce depression.

8. Your male partner addiction viagra
The man who was addicted to viagra can cause sexual problems due to physical and emotional disharmony between men and women.

While the man was ready for 'it', the woman takes more time for arousal, eventually the problem was happening. The man went to bed for sex, whereas women to calm down, discuss it together with your spouse and find its midpoint.

9. You are more like 'Vibrator'
Some women admit about it. Sometimes they use it to ease the anger or frustration with their partner.

But many of them are actually addicted to these devices. There is nothing wrong to combine the sex toy with your sex life really, but do not let it become a nuisance to the actual sex.

10. You're sick and tired
As many as 10-15 percent with a low libido in mind is experiencing pain, indigestion or a thyroid that can affect the fatigue, depression and infertility

Women with chronic diseases such as anemia, diabetes, arthritis also tend to rarely perform and enjoy sex. Therefore, in order to stay healthy can still enjoy sex.

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