man's highest end of the world can pair

Mate finally comes to the so Bao Xishun (54), men in the world in the Mongolian origin. He has dikabarkan end with a single period of marrying a clerk, Xia Shujian, a high 2 / 3 of Bao and age younger half of the age.
Made the Beijing News on Wednesday (28 / 3), men who reach the high 2:36 meters, the newly married couple of days ago.

Previously, he had a headache thinking about the future fate. High body different from the average high enough people can make it frustrating to find a pair of his life.

He even had Woro-Woro to the world if it is once you can get women into his life support but apparently, a mate came from their own village.

Xia is a woman who lived in the village of Bao Chifeng area. "After waiting long enough, eventually terbayarkan business," write the newspaper.

Years ago, Bao dinobatkan as the most high in the world version of the Guinness Book of World Records.

On December, Bao be reporting after the successful rescue two dolphins tail of an aquarium in Liaoning province.

Two dolphins are known after the sick swallow plastic on the fringe of the pond. Now, with the hand that Bao Long, plastic-plastic sit in the belly of the dolphins that can finally issued ...
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