Throughout the giant serpent Kalimantan 33 Meters

in indonesia, showing an aerial photo of Malaysia make a scene. A giant snake swimming in Baleh River, Sibu, Serawak, the north entrance area of Kalimantan Malaysia. Hiii ...

A giant snake images seen swimming melenggak-swing in a river surrounded by tropical forest peat moss. Black snake is very large, almost meets the river, located in the midst of a dense swamp forest. Beriak left in the water right. Say, the image is taken from a helicopter, 11 February 2009 ago.

Photo of a debate that is knowledgeable in Malaysia at this time. Kalimantan has the giant hose. However, during this, the big snake that is found is a new kind sanca society or python or serpent called Kalimantan field, dozens of meters long.

However, snakes that are visible in the image and wide circulation on the internet, including Youtube, and much more length than the findings of this during the python. Estimated length of 100 feet or approximately 33 meters.

Picture taken by team members of the flood disaster, which was then published by the Messenger of Sarawak, a local newspaper, last week. New Straits Times in Kuala Lumpur also load the image which is then released by The Telegraph, UK.

There are also photos that are not memercayai that and thought that engineering alone. This is because the image is too great serpent is. True or not, the image that people have created around Serawak, particularly Sibu, fear. The river was a transportation intravenously during this community.

Based on legends that live in the local community, the trust of the Anaconda in the area called Nabau. According to belief, Nabau is a snake with a 80 meter long with a dragon head and seven nostril. Villagers who live in the Borneo River Baleh memercayai these mystical creatures. In addition, people often see the hose in the area was large.

Now, the question, if the photo is genuine, whether the snake is similar to python or Anaconda? Up to now it has not found the Anaconda in Kalimantan, except in the movie Anaconda: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid is a demand.

Ular terpanjang record at this time the Anaconda (eunectes) from Amazone. Anaconda is the boa family. The length of the new Anaconda is found 50 feet, but scientists believe there is a Anaconda length 80 feet, even 100 feet from the snake's skin findings by British scientists an expedition in 1992. Anaconda in the family, according to the site environment Mongabay, the largest green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus). Length reaches 43 meters.

Asia is a python snake long second. Scientists call this Asiatic Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus). Python terpanjang found in Kalimantan area 33 feet long, and is a world record sanca longest at this time. Scientists long believed python can reach 50 feet or about 15 meters.

The difference, Anaconda more slender and expert swimmers. Meanwhile, more fat and python only cold love, not in the water. Anaconda mangsanya bite to death before the swallow, while using the power of python wrap prey to bone destroyed or did not move again, and then go flat.

Early February, scientists find fossil snake seberat a small car. Snakes that can be estimated eat animals seukuran cattle. Along the 45 foot monster called Titanoboa very large and living with eating crocodiles and giant turtles. Weight reached 1.25 tons. He always seemed around the forests of tropical South America 60 years ago.

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