Improve Sex Life With Food!

Many couples who have problems with his sex life. However, some of them to pretend there are no problems so the problems it experienced constant in his life.

Of the many problems of sex, some can be treated by changing habits in your life. One of them is in your eating habits, as quoted from health24 detikhot, Wednesday (26/8/2009).

Arterial blood was all over the human body, including in the penis. When stimulated, the penis can store 10 times more blood than normal.

In order to keep the arteries clean around the penis from blockage due to excess cholesterol, eat lots of wheat could be a solution to address the problem of erection of the penis.

Prostate gland has an important role in sex. If you experience swelling of the prostate gland, to reduce them is by eating whole wheat bread, whole grains and seeds.

Vitamin B complex can help you produce testosterone and widen blood vessels. To obtain a sufficient portion, take multivitamins have vitamin B complex in it, or eating foods such as beans, bananas and asparagus.

To increase one's libido and fertility, iron is needed. Although easy on the gain, but quickly disappeared iron so you'll want to eat oysters. If you do not like natural oysters, you can buy tablets that contain iron in it.

Lots of calcium for the body's usefulness. But did you know that calcium is useful to control an orgasm? For those who have problems with premature ejaculation is a good idea to multiply the consumption of calcium.

Calcium can be found in yogurt, milk, dark green vegetables, bread and fish. You can also consume calcium in the form of tablets sold in pharmacies.

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