Fertile Women More often molester

It turned out that the fading of love is not the only reason for a woman for having an affair. In the peak of fertility, the drive was having an affair for the women also peaked. Woman's fertile period can be a causative factor infidelity. Fertile women were once looked like another man and looking for love from another man's caresses. But not immediately glance at the woman any man who was nearby. Reported by women, on Wednesday (1/2/2006), when ovulation naturally she feels ready to be fertilized. By the time she was ready to be fertilized, he instinctively looking for a man who can give him the best offspring. Well, if he does not fully satisfied with her partner, the urge to find a better one comes. The woman was moved to find the best seed. This also occurred since the antiquity. The women tend to seek long-term investment to get a better offspring. But secretly men can also feel the behavior of women who are ovulating. The man who feels himself less handsome and less attractive tend to be possessive and give more attention to their partner. But men should not worry, not all women would do this. According to Steven W Gangstead, the psychologist who conducted the study, only women who actually less satisfied with their partner would think to look for seed from other sources. In addition to its instincts, it turns out the woman's hormonal changes also support the occurrence of this behavior. According to Drs. Irwin Goldstein, from Boston University School of Medicine, women who were ovulating have testoterone hormone levels high enough. Increasing these hormones make increasing passion. Unconsciously she feels ready to be fertilized and tried to find the best seedlings. When the libido is high, women are usually looking for a partner that could be considered sexual functioning properly. If sexual problems often coloring households, then the women began to think of having an affair. "We're not saying women are genetically programmed for infidelity. Women are not robots that always follow a genetic phenomenon. In addition there are genetic physiological and biological aspects. Romantic relationship was also characterized by love and conflict, this is part of the conflict. The affair is a personal choice, "Gangstead clear.

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