Tooth color and meaning

Maybe you think color should be white teeth gleaming. But the actual email or dental coating is transparent so the color of teeth radiating dentine (the substance in the email) that is in the teeth.

As reported by the, color white teeth do not always depend on each individual. Adults normally have yellow teeth color grayish, grayish white or yellowish white. While normal baby teeth or milk white berwarana bluish white.

But in addition to the normal color of teeth is, there are many people who have extreme color. Tooth color can be informed about what is happening in the body. Tooth enamel can also change color according to the inclusion in the mouth.

Joan Liebmann-Smith, Ph.D. and Jacqueline Nardi Egan in his Body Sign, How to Be Your Own Diagnostic Detective, was quoted as saying Tuesday (25/8/2009) review the 8 kinds of color have teeth that serve as a warning to the body.

1. Yellow-brown teeth

Color brownish yellow teeth will occur with age which occurs mostly in the elderly. But if you're not old age and have yellowed teeth is a sign that you are a smoker, drinker of coffee, tea or cola.

2. Tooth-colored green or metallic

Teeth green, bluish green or brown is a sign you are exposed to excessive exposure to metals. Could have occurred when at work or dental surgery time.

If exposed to iron, manganese and silver color can be black. Mercury and lead cause of blue color green. Copper and nickel can cause teeth to bluish green. Inhaled gases such as chromic acid make dark orange teeth.

Whereas if exposed to excess iodine ocean like a lot of time spent in the pool that contains chlorine can cause brown teeth.

3. bluish gray

Many people do not realize that taking the antibiotic tetracycline during pregnancy can make baby teeth bleak. Color this bleak teeth also occurs in children who take tetracyclines during a period of growth.

While grayish stain on the teeth of adults using minosiklin sign, - the kind tetrasikilin to treat acne or rheumatoid arthritis - a long time. Gray teeth can also be a sign of damage to dentine because of an infection.

4. Spots

If your teeth and patches of uneven color enamel fluorisis possibility. Ie, the exposed teeth of the fluorite berfluorinasi drink water, toothpaste and mouthwash are excessive.

Although dental stains less interesting but not dangerous. But these patches can also be early warning markers of toxicity that fluorite long can a life-threatening.

5. Blackened teeth

Color of teeth like this, including the hideous abuse metamfemin indicates. Black tooth color can also make one's teeth to rot.

6. Grooved teeth

If there is a smooth curve of the teeth, you probably ate too many oranges or lemons. Acid in these fruits can make email and dental erosion.

If there are V-shaped indentation at the bottom of the tooth near the gum line, it's a sign you are too eager to brush his teeth. Use toothpicks to excess can also cause indentations because you pierced enamel layer. Often menggertakan (pitted) teeth can also make teeth grooved.

7. Looks slick shiny teeth

If your teeth back teeth especially slippery it was not a good sign. But the warning signs of brittle bones (osteoporosis). It also may signal an eating disorder bulimia since vomit repeatedly doused will make your teeth and stomach acid erodes tooth protector emails. Almost 90 percent of bulimics have an erosion of teeth.

8. Cracked teeth

Back teeth cracked more often experienced by people with silver dental fillings are often indicates bruxisme (menggertakan habits or pitted teeth). This is more damaging Bruxisme tooth cavities than email due to wear protective gear when digertakkan. Often gritted teeth will also cause jaw problems.

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