Want Sex in the Water, This way!

You are bored with the 'life of the bed' is mediocre? Coba deh love the water and feel the different sensations!

Making love in the water is not the usual style of lovemaking. For that we need special techniques to make the process go more smoothly. Try to follow a few tips that detikhot quotes from AskMen, Thursday (6/8/2009) this!

If you want to use a condom when having sex, choose a condom that was used in the water safe. Notice that there is content on your condom. Because sometimes if you have sex in swimming pool, there was chemical content in water can affect the quality of condoms. Nothing wrong to bring extra condoms.

Water can remove the natural shadow on a woman's body. so as to have sex in the water, it's good to bring artificial lubricants.

Making love in the water can be done in several places. You can choose the most suited. The simplest, you can do it in the bathroom with a bath tub. Warm water in the bath tub will make you more perfect sex.

Private swimming pool can also be a place of love. But it was not advisable to do so in a public place. For example the general pool, but can be a spectacle, cleaning public places is also not guaranteed. One-one, you can actually get the disease.

Coast is also not a recommended place to make love. Salt water will be bad for vaginal health.

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