Trace of genital activity if Rarely Sex

Be careful of men who still menjomblo until the age of 40 years and rarely masturbate. Genitals are rarely used for sexual activity appears to have shrinkage of size.

It got older age is also getting older person organs. This is natural, so do the most vital organ in the human body that will experience shrinkage if not often used.

Along with age, organ function would be weakened. The muscles begin to relax, wrinkles and skin starts getting brittle bones. We unknowingly, human penis was actually shrunk, not only because of age alone, but because it is rarely used.

"The genitals are shrinking due to age factor, but he could also shrink if never or rarely used," said Dr. Naek L Tobing, an expert sexologists while talking to detikhealth, Thursday (13/8/2009).

"Not only the genitals, all parts of the human body will do. Let's see those who are old, legs and arms become narrowed. So genitals men and women," said Naek.

Like a knife that never sharpened, over time can dull. Any man's penis will decrease if not enabled. "If it is not often used, it can be shrunk as well, although not yet very old," said graduate Sex Male Sex Educator and Counselor at the State University Minessota, the United States.

This Naek statement was also supported by a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. "Around the age of 40 years, joined the testes shrink," says Irwin Goldstein, MD, from Alvarado Hospital, United States, as quoted by WebMD, Thursday (13/8/2009).

"When a man in his 30s when his penis erect size is 6 inches, at the age of 60-70 years in length is only about 5 inches," says Goldstein.

According to Goldstein, the cause of the penis is because mengecilnya reduced elasticity of the layer of collagen fibers surrounding the erectile chambers.

In addition, accumulation of fatty deposits that cause blood flow to the penis is inhibited is one reason why the penis smaller or look smaller, as people complained of obesity.

But according to Naek, man-aged men who still have sex with their partner will have a bigger penis than those who had rarely had sex.

"Try and check the men who are aged 60 years and rarely had sex with his wife, must have smaller genitals than men that age, but still having sex," said Naek.

It is true, the old body will be less and less ability to have intercourse because of the hormone testosterone in their bodies became more depleted. This causes the symptoms of andropause such as easy fatigue, lethargy, hair loss, decreased libido, penis shrinking, and even impotence can occur and blood circulation problems.

But Naek denied if unable to enjoy sex again if old. "Who says getting older can not have sex anymore? It's just a matter of self confidence or just confident. There is also kok couples over 70 years but still loves to have sex," he said.

Therefore, Naek suggestions, "Use it and enjoy every opportunity to have sex with the wife, or for those who have not pairs do not have hesitated if maturbasi can not stand."

"Do not assume most of masturbation can be dangerous, it is not bener. The principle is simple aja, use it or lose it," said Naek. But if you want more secure, you should get married.

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