World's Largest Tree

One of the trees in the world's tallest Giant Sequoia of this type has a height reached 85 meters. His age is estimated between 2200 to 2700 years.

Tree is named "General Sherman", is expected not only is one of the highest, but also the largest species in the Sequoia is its volume. In the year 2002 this tree had a measurable volume of 1487 cubic meters.

pohon terbesar sherman tree

pohon terbesar di dunia

Measured from the dimensions, this indicates Sherman tree grew larger each year. Diameter is 1.4 meters above the ground is 7.7 meters, diameter of 18 meters above ground is 5.3 meters, diameter of 55 meters above ground is 4.3 meters, and height of the first branch from the ground is approximately 40 meters.

Interestingly, the biggest branch broken in 2006. Shaped like the letter "L" plunged from about a quarter of the height of trees. This branch has a diameter of 2 meters by 30 meters long and made to destroy the fence around it. Yet this tree still remains the largest living things on earth who are still alive.

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