Want to Make a Woman Comfortable Sex? This way!

GambarThis can eliminate the small female desire to have intercourse. Do you know any little thing that causes it to happen? Spy answers here.

- Blowing ear and rub a thin bearded chin are some other things that make him uncomfortable.

- Copotlah your pants. Some women are lazy to do because it's too hard to be someone else. Then kiss your spouse is a beginning of foreplay. If too much haste, be prepared to leave.

- For parts such sensitive nipples and clitoris, treat gently. Pressing both hard, will make him moaning in pain.

- Some women do not like penetration quickly, so do it slowly and gradually increase in intensity. Look at his reaction, if your partner looks uncomfortable, lower intensity.

- Most men are heavier than women, so try not to top your partner when having intercourse. That could make could not breathe.

- Finally, do not do something stupid like say dirty, use a condom used or capture during sex. Women may leave you at once because he felt humiliated.

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