smallest man in the world

He Ping Ping, the man cut in scandalize the world of Tokyo, Japan while attending the launch edition in 2009 Guinness Book of World Records on Friday (13 / 2) at the Museum The Guinness World Records.
Quote Daily Mail, Sunday (15 / 2), Ping Ping, who was born with high body only 74.1 cm and weight of 7 kg, with her humorous entry into the shoes Bao Xishun, the man in the world.

Acem yah... kalau sepatunya dipakai

Both men previously have this official stated off as a man and the highest in the world by the Guinness.

Ping Ping is now living in In Mongolia, China and the City of Tokyo is one of the places he visited in a tour of world order than the London and New York.

Chance, Ping Ping to stay close to the Bao Xishun who holds the world record with the highest male to reach 2.36 meters high degree despite falling in the non-authorized Leonid Stadnyk Ukrainian origin with a high body 2.57 meters.

When asked about her body, Ping Ping said, "I did not envy the people higher than me. You need to know, if you're high it was difficult to move and not comfortable. "
"I easily sneak wherever and therefore much easier to be a short man," he added.

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