Ibra: I'm Not Eto'o

Barcelona striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still sluggish in business productivity goals. However, he rejected comparisons with Inter Milan striker, Samuel Eto'o.

Actually, about scoring goals, abilities and Eto'o Ibra no doubt. Last season, when he was defending Inter Milan Ibra scored 25 goals in Serie-A. Eto'o himself managed to pack 30 goals for Barcelona in the Primera Division last season.

However, the new club each, progress has been made Eto'o slightly better than Ibra. Eto'o has contributed one goal in the Italian Super Cup versus Lazio. Meanwhile, Ibrahim failed to score a goal in the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Bilbao.

Ibra understand it makes a lot of people doubted his ability. However, Ibrahim would not give up. Instead, criticism was made ready to work hard to prove his ability and reverse the negative perception.

"" I'm not comparing myself to him (Eto'o). He did great work in Barcelona and has a good quality. We have different styles and this is a challenge (for me) ", he said.

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