1.Semanggi bridge

Semanggi bridge built so beautiful Sukarno era when viewed using Google Earth. Shape resembling flower petals can be traced at coordinates 6 ° 13'10 .70 "S 106 ° 48'45 .28" E 

2. Garuda Pancasila 
The official name is the Graha Garuda Tiara. Can be traced in the coordinates S 106.957672 E 6.417919 to google earth or google map. Graha Garuda Tiara Cileungsi located in Bogor in West Java which had functioned as a hotel. 

3. Bridge Ampera 
Bridge Length: 1117 m (the Tengan 71.90 m), Width: 22 m, Height: 11.5 m above the water, Tower Height: 63 m from the soil surface, distance between two towers: 75 m Weight: 944 tons can be enjoyed in 2 ° 59'30 .09 "S 104 ° 45'48 .30" E. 

Formerly, the center of the bridge can be raised Ampera down. However, starting in 1970 is no longer functional. The bridge that started construction in April 1962 with the approval of President Sukarno, was taken funding from the Japanese war reparations. At first, the bridge along the 1177 meters with a width of 22 meters, was inaugurated in the year 1965 usage, as well as strengthening of Bung Karno's name as the name of the bridge. However, this name change in the political upheavals of 1966, and by the anti-Sukarno was renamed Ampera bridge. 

4. Gelora Bung Karno Senayan 
This is the pride of the Nation Indonesia Gelora built by President Sukarno to welcome the Asian Games IV in 1962. Gelora Senayan are dikoordinat 6 ° 13'7 .44 "S 106 ° 48'7 .30" E and on the date July 21, 1962 at 17:00 pm President inaugurates the use of the Main Stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of 110,000 people. 

5. Dynamic Design Gelora Bung Karno Senayan 
In addition to the magnificent building was, the hall floor are at Bung Karno Stadium is a very dynamic design and striking sanggat when we entered the coordinates 6 ° 13'6 .91 "S 106 ° 47'59 .77" E 

6. Capitol 
This is the building where the council honored important policy issue. This building is often used as targets by the students to voice their aspirations, including depose the current government. House of Representatives can be accessed at coordinates 6 ° 12'37 .31 "S 106 ° 47'59 .77" E 

7. Indonesia Islands TMII 
Wooh .. Indonesian archipelago was the perfect look when we direct the coordinates of 6 ° 18'6 .04 "S 106 ° 53'47 .53" E. These islands are part of the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) located in East Jakarta 

8. Soldiers Museum TMII 
Sunggu remarkable when we visited TMII through google earth, and very neat buildings can be found in the Museum Soldiers TMII pentagon shaped with coordinates 6 ° 18'20 .13 "S 106 ° 53'48 .09" E. Besides the museum there are also Private aircraft parked near the artificial lake. 

9. Bogor Palace 
Istana Bogor is one of the six Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia which has its own uniqueness. The uniqueness is due to the historical aspects, culture and fauna are outstanding. One of them is the existence of deer - the beautiful deer imported directly from Nepal and stay awake from the first until now. Bogor Palace can be found at coordinates 6 ° 35'47 .96 "S 106 ° 47'53 .66" E. 

10. Port of Tanjung periok 
Want to see keseibukan ship? certainly we can find the coordinates 6 ° 5'58 .73 "S 106 ° 53'20 .71" E. 

11. Soekarno Hatta Airport 
The gate of air transport is the capital city of Indonesia seems clear if directed to the coordinates 6 ° 7'41 .04 "S 106 ° 39'21 .63" E, even berjejerpun aircraft can be seen clearly. 

12. Monas 
Almost everyone knows the National Monument or better known as Monas tugunya gold plated. Located in the area of the ring 1 the State Palace, National Monument can be accessed at coordinates 6 ° 10'33 .19 "S 106 ° 49'39 .78" E. 

13. HI roundabout 
HI roundabout has an own history to keep in mind for anyone who visited Jakarta. Located city center often be targets for berdomo. HI roundabout can be accessed at coordinates 6 ° 11'41 .82 "S 106 ° 49'23 .07" E. 

14. Candi Borobudur 
As one of the seven wonders of the world, Borobudur was built by using the / - 55,000 m3 of rock. Tall buildings until kepuncak is 42m, with a base width of 123 m. Upright and sturdy towering keangkasa and is part of the history of 12th-century-old. Borobudur temple is located in Central Java Province can be accessed at coordinates 7 ° 36'28 .45 "S 110 ° 12'13 .35" E 

15. Fish Fish Jatiluhur - Purwakarta 
Fish Fish Jatiluhur dominant visible from the air as directed coordinates 6 ° 33'22 .45 "S 107 ° 23'32 .85" E. Thousands of fish Fish is the fruit of freshwater fish farms owned by local communities. 

16. Island Bungin 
Bungin Island in District Sumbawa Regency NTB Alas, a small artificial island in the world most populous island of Java, the density exceeds the density of 36,000 km2 and the density of the island of Java is only about 813 km2 or Bungin island density equal to 44 times the density of the island of Java. The island is only 8 hectares of this area has a population of 2800 souls, and can be accessed at coordinates 8 ° 28'37 .69 "S 116 ° 59'43 .25" E

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